Wedge-tailed Eagle

Mullian the Eagle Hawk is a very important part of the Dreaming, especially around the Victoria and New South Wales areas. There are many tales about his exploits.

These magnificent birds are Australia’s largest birds of prey.  Often seen effortlessly soaring the wind drafts, Wedge-tailed Eagle is an inspiring sight.

A Dreaming[1] about the Wedge-tailed Eagle states he is constantly seeking out the blanket lizard, which had an illicit affair with his wife; they are mortal enemies to this day.  The negative effects of betrayal, revenge or jealousy may be infringing upon your thoughts and actions if Wedge-tailed Eagle is caught catching a lizard! (Maybe forgiveness is the lesson and challenge here?)

Many Dreamings attribute the carnivorous attributes of eagles, hawks and kites to a slight or wrong committed to them in the Dreaming and of which they still retain resentment. Eagle is the symbol of forgiveness if resentment colours your day.

Universally, eagles are a symbol of power; they can rise over the world, seeing and understanding all.  Possessing keen eyesight, they can have a higher perspective on things. They bypass “not seeing the forest for the trees” and can indicate a talent for problem-solving. If a Wedge-tailed Eagle crosses your path in flight, remember the ability you have in being able to take flight and view your world from a higher perspective, to see the bigger picture.  Eagle can see the smallest movement and act quickly.  You too can act as soon as you see your goal – don’t wait, or your chance, like a startled rabbit, may be gone!

Eagle can also relate to the ego. A flying ego, however, often misses many opportunities for growth because the focus revolves around the Self. Eagles are powerful birds and are worshipped by some cultures. Investing energy on self-aggrandisement, or putting another on a pedestal, does not allow for personal growth and development ‘inside’ instead it causes a narrow, over-inflated and exaggerated view of things. This is the eagle that is hit by the truck on the highway! He’s too engrossed in satisfying his appetite (albeit for roadkill) and forgets he is part of a larger system of life.

Wedge-tailed Eagle is a good indicator to work on your concept of Self, to do some groundwork and confront those things that challenge your views on who you really are, or push you to practice the art of forgiveness. Those “flying high like an eagle” dreams are great, yet it is action that facilitates their manifestation – as well as that great perspective Eagle offers you.

[1]               Mountford, Charles P. “The Dreamtime.”