Tasmanian Devil


A wild and ferocious specimen

This carnivorous creature is only found in Tasmania. Well-known as a cartoon character, the Tasmanian Devil has a destructive and evil reputation – and not just from its namesake, the Devil. Carnivores the world over have been persecuted, some to the point of endangerment. These creatures inspire horror and fear in some people, as do spiders, bats and snakes. The place of Tasmanian Devil in the web of life is unique and fills a niche in the ecological scheme of things.

Tasmanian Devil is ‘ruled by its stomach’ and will eat anything dead as well as rubber, cloth, bones and rubbish. It is primarily a scavenger, an undertaker of the bush. Myths abound about this creature’s voracious eating habits.

Devils are noisy feeders, fighting and bickering amongst themselves as they devour an entire carcass. They also catch their prey if it comes their way by chance, ranging from wombats, possums and other small creatures. With humans, they are the typical ‘scaredy-cat’, shivering with fear as they cower and creep away.

Accepting Tasmanian Devil is accepting the animal nature inherent in humanity as a whole, as well as within oneself. How does your animal nature express itself? Is it bluff or for real? Can you understand it in any way? In what areas of your life, and how, are the qualities of assertiveness and submissiveness most in action? Do you give credence to the Devil’s nasty reputation, or are you able to see beyond this – can you see their beauty? These issues may be a focus, especially if you encounter Tasmanian Devil feeding!