St Andrew’s Cross Spider

St Andrew's Cross Spider

St Andrew's Cross SpiderEarlier this week I came across this beautiful lady in her web. The next day she was gone and a few days later a plethora of spiderlings emerged from the nest at the top of the web. When I zoomed in on the images, she is actually spinning silk! She’s a she because of her size and colouring – the red, yellow and black reminiscent of the Koori flag; the males are smaller and brown and cream coloured.


St Andrew’s Cross Spiders can be found in various places worldwide. The cross part of their name is attributed to how they sit in a cross shape. In North America, one of their common names is ‘writing spider.’ And in the Philippines, the X spider, or priest spider. These names are hints to the meaning of this spider if she or he makes an appearance in your life!

An interesting fact about the X in the web is that it strongly reflects ulta-violet light, which is very attractive to insects. What are you seeking to attract within the web of life you have created around you?

St Andrew’s Cross Spider brings a message to you weaving creativity, spirituality and connection to the land… in however a way that seems to fit for you right now. How does writing fit into your life? Could you write more, why would you write more, how could writing something bring joy into your life, or the lives of others? Or is this spider reminding you to connect more with nature, or spirit? Or does she resonate for you with your own meaning?


Egg sac - St Andrew's Cross Spider

Egg sac – St Andrew’s Cross Spider

St Andrew's Cross SpiderSt Andrew's Cross Spider

You can see the spiderlings that emerge from the egg sac mama spider wove here.