Shingleback Lizard

Mirages were called ‘shingleback’s water’ by the people in central New South Wales. The shingleback lizard lives in arid areas where it is difficult to find water, and so it was believed he drank the mysterious water seen in a mirage.

The shingleback lizard (with Black Cockatoo) assisted in the release of fire by diverting the attention of two women who held it in their possession. The reason he walks so slowly is because, in the Dreaming, he stole the sinews of Emu to move quickly; then later, Emu stole them back. Shingleback lizard here speaks of patience and acceptance of one’s limitations. You might be tempted to take some kind of shortcut that doesn’t sit the best with your sense of integrity (like Shingleback stole Emu’s sinews.)

Shingleback’s are monogamous.

Shingleback is in the Blue tongue family.