Shapes & Patterns

A photograph of wild ginger growing near Wollongong.


Heaven’s Doorway
Moon at the Cusp of Dawn


Circle – wholeness, completion, unity, perfection, infinity, symbol of Spirit, ‘going around in circles’.

* Bora grounds for sacred ceremonies are circular, representing the sky world from which the Great Spirit Biami originates.[1] Stone circles. Petroglyphs.

Crescent – moon, femininity, fertility, birth, sickle/death, change, transformation, the emotions, the Chalice/Holy Grail – spiritual quest. You might encounter crescents in the moon, the arc of a rainbow, the curve of a shell or flower, etc.

Line – direction, purpose, movement, definition, limitations, straight or curvy?, ‘it’s a fine line between…’, ‘draw the line’, ‘the straight and narrow’. Horizons, line of ants of birds in flight, the direction of a river, a falling star, in trees.

Spiral – evolution, patterns, recurring themes, movement, DNA and genetics, the cycle of experience, reincarnation, returning to source or spiritual seeking, ‘spinning out’. You might encounter spirals in patterns of leaves in the wind, or dust (willy-willys) or in whirlpools in streams or down the plughole of your kitchen sink! There’s movement and change when spirals appear.

Square / Rectangle – solidity, static, earthy, grounded, material plane, order, safety, masculinity, being ‘square’ about something, ‘boxed in,’ boundaries and limitations, the number 4. Squares don’t often appear in nature but you might encounter this shape in rock that has weathered to cubic shapes, certain crystals (like pyrite)

Triangle – Trinity, pointing upwards relates to heaven, downwards the descent of grace, creativity, femininity, direction, the number 3.

V-shape – victory, success, purpose, direction – which way is this formation moving? (direction – point of the triangle) The v-shape may also appear as a boomerang – hunting, seeking nourishment, developing skills for survival, strategy, aiming for a target/goal, something coming back to you.


Crystal Creek, Queensland, Australia.

Crystal Creek, Queensland, Australia.

[1] Reed, A.W. “Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables”