The Australian sea lion is one of four native seals, and the only one uniquely Australian.  These beautiful creatures are very curious by nature and are well-loved performers. Their diet in the wild has been known to include fish and fairy penguins.  The male Australian sea lion and elephant seals live with their harems, protecting the females and young. Some bulls become very ferocious fighters, their bodies adorned with many scars as testimony to battle.

There are two species of fur seal that are native Australian mammals, although they are found elsewhere. The male fur seals, unlike the previous two just described, leave the family unit after mating or the birth of the young. It is these unprotected seals, which have been clubbed for their insulating coats. Fur seals may be likened to any victimised group. Because of this, Seal can highlight environmental issues and may call for your assistance. Any issues around the use and abuse of resources will be in the focus, and may require some adjustment be made before it deserves a ‘seal’ of approval or acceptance.

In one Dreaming, Seal Rock in Victoria was created and populated with the first seals.[1] When white man came they were all exterminated (the seals’ fate was sealed); an apt symbol of Western society’s attempts to control and exploit nature without thought for the future. Seal will challenge any ‘each to his own’ attitude. You may be asked to help save something you never thought twice about before – and this could refer to a relationship, concept or something that may include a real life creature or place. Seal, of course, potently symbolises conservation and helping, rather than harming, the environment and our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.

Seal balancing a ball on the end of his nose for you may indicate exploitation on some level, confronting as that may seem.  It has been argued that these ‘tricks’ give captive seals a means of exercising their intelligence. Perhaps the emphasis may be on expressing yourself in ‘trivial’ ways, which are highly enjoyable, if you see Seal performing. However, in Seal’s case, his obedience in performing the tricks could well be a means to forget the limitations of his situation – captivity. Conversely, Seal will quite likely bring some kind of endorsement or authorisation into an issue in your life.

Another point of interest, to seal something is to render it airtight or watertight; both air and water being the two elements required by Seal to thrive and enjoy his aquatic lifestyle. This meaning highlights limitation and prevention, something our brother Seal is very familiar with!


[1]               Roberts, D. And A. “Shadows in the Mist.”