Seagull in Flight

The odd one out. Seagulls and galah.

Familiar coastal birds (although a single one or group might appear and settle in surprisingly inland locations); seagulls are a noisy addition to the beautiful beaches and inland waterways of Australia. Scavengers at heart, “Silver Gulls” will eat virtually anything, profiting greatly from Western society.  Very bold, they will grab your food from your picnic plate if you aren’t watchful! They are also a nuisance at airports, where they can pose a threat to aircraft traffic.

Seagulls usually live in very large groups with an established hierarchy. They mate for life, and when breeding, will defend their territory, even against their kindred neighbours and to the point of stealing their eggs to get them to move! They squabble loudly over food and it’s ‘each to his own’ with a mob of seagulls! Could you be involved in noisy competition over something?  Are you being excessively possessive – and are your suspicions justified? If the Seagulls would just settle down, they would find there is enough food for everyone; it isn’t a race!

‘Seagulls search for food as a lover searches for his sweetheart at night’[1] is a traditional saying, so Seagull might highlight something you are really passionate about having in your life, but have yet to get it. Seagull’s focus and attention takes him exactly where he wants to be, though his position in the ‘pecking order’ might not be quite what he wants most.

“Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach, immortalised the nature of seagulls, bestowing very real human personalities upon them, as well as expressing an important message. Seagull can encourage and inspire you to express your individuality and follow your own path, no matter how big or controlling the minds of others or society is. The emphasis is on creativity, and following a dream and believing in your Self expresses this. (This is very similar to Sea Hawk in meaning.) For developing abilities and talents – Seagull may be the muse of the bird kingdom.

A very noisy muse, that’s for sure! As a native symbol, Seagull can highlight individuality of character within a larger group or context.  Characters with a well-loved, cheeky personality, they express a larrikin nature. Seagulls aren’t fussy, finding sustenance from generous seaside tourists as they do in garbage dumps.  Your abundance may come from surprising places! Seagull could highlight nourishment (on any level – spiritual, emotional, social, etc.) from unexpected sources. You might get someone else’s crumbs, or be invited to sup in style! Making do with the resources available is a well-learnt lesson these birds display – loudly and with MUCH pleasure!

The symbolic joy of flight and the ability to soar may be energies within reach if Seagull is airborne. Though they are very down-to-earth birds with their selfish attitudes, loud quarrelsome noises and obvious bickering; Seagull successfully combines the spiritual heights of beauty and freedom (in flight) with the earthly aspects of personality and satisfying one’s appetite!


[1]              Isaacs, Jennifer (ed.) “Australian Dreaming.”


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