These techni-colour parrots are well known in Australia, their vivid hues enriching tree, garden, park or soup tins! The name Rosella is said to be derived from ‘rosehill parrots’; Rose Hill, Sydney, being where they were first seen by white people.

A Dreaming about Rosella is one of tragedy which triumphs with love as the ultimate victor.  A couple run away together; although she is promised to a wirrinin (magic man) who wreaks his revenge and kills her man.  She is so in grief the jealous wirrinin goes to strike her.  The Great Spirit intervenes and she is instantly transformed into the first Rosella.  She then flies off to the Land of the Dead to reach her lover before he crosses into it.  In a race against time, she reaches him.  Today, Rosellas still mate for life.

Rosella embodies eternal love and devotion.  A pair of rosellas and there’s a sign of the Tao, yin and yang, male and female, wholeness.  One or many, Rosella indicates love and a shared journey. There could also be disruptive ‘outside’ forces challenging a special relationship in your life; or a need to prove devotion like the archetypal Romeo and Juliet – minus the tragic results! You may be in a situation where you have to prove your commitment and defy the odds. Timing could also be an issue, there may be limits or the pace could be hectic with deadlines; things will certainly be at a fast pace with time flying swiftly! Although challenging as a native symbol, Rosellas flying into your vision can auger a dream come true – but not in the way you anticipated!