rainbow in Townsville April 2017

Rainbows are fascinating, ephemeral beauty. A bridge to Heaven, a sign from Spirit, a blessing… without the rain there is no rainbow… wonderful, wonderful rainbows!

A Dreaming symbol of the Rainbow Serpent, as well as a symbol in Western Australia of the Great Spirit’s promise to return to earth, the rainbow has fascinated humanity since the dawn of time. (See Opal)  It is often linked with the Gods, forming a bridge between the worlds of the heavens and earth, or representing an omen or aspect of the creator or God.

Rainbows make something where nothing was there; they are caused by sunlight, angle and water content in the air. They colour the air like emotion may colour thought. As a beautiful and strong or faint and partially hidden arc, rainbow can seek your attention, so too will something which will uplift you, inspire you. Count your blessings!

In some Dreamings[1], the rainbow is actually the Rainbow Serpent, who created the world, moving from one waterhole to another. At this time he must not be disturbed or he could attack. There are many stories about Rainbow Serpent, he is very important figure.

It isn’t true, by the way, that you can never reach the end of a rainbow – you can stand in one, drive through one! I’ve experienced one crossing the waters in the Basin, (north Sydney) towards me, in the rain, and so I went into it, and my skin was a spectrum, and I twirled and laughed and followed in its light until it faded, infant daughter on hip! What a fleeting, joyous experience that was – pure magic! An encounter like this is very rare, and magical! For me, it was like being touched by the fae.

An entire rainbow is a circle – check this out here – from the air, you might get to see the whole thing and as the article states, it’s ‘an observer-dependent phenomenon!’

Rainbows form a bridge and as such, symbolise a crossing, a going over something or movement from one level to another. Change is precipitated and may well be as precarious and short-lived as a rainbow, so don’t try to hang onto it, it might disappear; be in the moment and appreciate! Rainbow represents something which passes quickly, lingering little – yet the memory can last a lifetime. So enjoy it while it lasts, and savour the memory! You can choose to use that feeling later, re-experience it in your mind, whenever you feel negative. 🙂

Things of an elusive nature may haunt you, transient experiences of joy, as well as brief encounters or short-lived events, can be under the domain of Rainbow as a symbol. The arts, photography, lights, the presence of Spirit, dreams,  wishes, fairytales; rainbow is a creative sign in your life somehow and brings blessings! 🙂


[1]                  H. Rule & S. Goodman, compiled by. “Gulpilil’s Stories of the Dreamtime”