St. Andrew's Cross spiderlings
  1. beginnings, solidarity, independence, issues around the ego and concept of Self, sense of oneness and unity, individuality, ‘won’ – victory, achievement and success
  2. relationship, partnership, intuition, duality, balance, two sides, union, joining/binding or bonding
  3. Imagination, the mind, manifestation, creation, the trinity of mind, body and spirit, ‘free’
  4. physical level, material things, manifestation, the earth, nature, stability, building, construction, wholeness, completion, genetics, patterns, strategy,
  5. emotions, control, manual dexterity, freedom, moving beyond boundaries, change, movement, creative and social expression
  6. love, the home, creativity, sexuality, society, harmony, self-expression
  7. challenges, learning, change, sacrifice, divinity, relationship with Spirit, mysticism, curiosity, powers of analysis, journeys (inner or outer), movement
  8. structure, control, personal power, money, career, karma – reaping what you sow, symbol of infinity/timelessness, ‘ate’ – what nourishes us or we absorb into ourselves
  9. humanitarian and global issues (‘we are the world’), responsibility, ideals, completion, endings, personal boundaries, the many in one, unity in diversity

Double figured numbers such as 10, 24, etc. may be added together to define their essential energy. For example 10 would equal 1, 25 would equal 7 and 29 would equal 11 and 2. Any number with a zero in it specifically emphasises the meaning of the other number.  Zero represents spirit and potential, similar to a seed or egg awaiting release or growth.

Master Numbers: 11, 22, 33, etc. emphasise spiritual aspects relating to the number which is doubled, ie. 11 emphasises 1. These numbers are also very challenging and when they are added together (11 equals 2, for example) will reveal the major obstacle or challenge to be overcome.