The tiny buzz of a mosquito mantra is loud enough to keep many sleepless!  The great Aussie mozzie is a carrier of some unique Australian viruses, including Ross River Fever and Dengue Fever. Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs and for their larvae to survive. In fact Mosquito goes through a few transformations before she can sup on your blood. From the element of water to that of air, this annoying pest can point to an irritating attitude around your emotions and how they’re expressed that needs transforming. Any limiting judgments will continue to itch away at your consciousness in a similar way to a bite.

There are Dreaming origins[1] that mosquito, during a transformation stage, kept growing to become a blow fly, then a moth, then a small bird then finally the Crow.

Mosquito can highlight issues around how you use your life force. Do you feel as if others are preying on your time and invading your space? Are the demands of life buzzing in your ears, insistent and hungry for your attention? The message Mosquito brings is that it is time to create your own boundaries (a new form of stronger, personal repellent!) and to take action in preventing what you no longer want in this space. Whether it is welcome only by invitation (for some are totally undisturbed by Mosquito’s noise and bite) or a total ban, it’s up to you. The main focus is creating your own, inviolate boundaries!

Mosquito might bring your attention towards seeking the positive in those aspects which are disliked or repellent. its hum is an affirmation of clearing something within your Self which is blocked and needs transforming to enable you to progress. Finding Mosquito unacceptable is a sure indicator of exactly this reflected either within your Self or current life circumstances. What do you find unacceptable?

To acknowledge the place of this parasitic creature in the web of life is to acknowledge the validity and gift of the negatives of existence. In doing so, one automatically moves through them – so are you going to scratch away until you are a bleeding, sorry scab zone or can you live with the itch and retain a sense of control? Your life may require the same sense of discipline – leave it alone and it’ll get better!

Where Mosquito bites is relevant. Aboriginal people believed that an itch in a certain body part (or a pain, twinge, tickle, etc.) foreboded the arrival/illness/news of certain people and events. For example, the ankle might represent a brother-in-law. This concept can be applied to mozzie bites and modern body language – a bite on your ankle relates to how flexible you are in moving through life; on your arm, there may be irritations in your personal relationships as the arm communicates and reaches out; and so on.


[1] Reed, A.W. “Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables”