Gliding Possum

There are six species of Glider. The largest, the great glider, is the size of a small cat and the smallest, the feathertail glider, weighs about fifteen grams and is smaller than a mouse.

Possum’s diet consists mostly of tree sap, insects, buds, blossoms and fruit. They are well-known for their sweet tooth, tucking into honey, sugar or jam if made available – this is where the Sugar Glider received it’s name!  Some gliders will eat small insects and birds, and the Greater Glider feeds almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves (like Koala.)

One of the most beautiful of the marsupials, the Flying Gliders have flaps of skin between their fore and hind legs. These spread to act as kites and enable the creature to move in flight from treetop to treetop. They are the most airborne of any mammal. They (to us) seem to take a great leap of faith, flying from tree to tree like a bird.

Seeing one of these rare creatures is a powerful affirmation of your own ability to take flight and soar! So what are you waiting for? Reach for the Heavens, and as surely as the Gliding Possum safely makes the leap, you too will be safe and protected. Spirituality is highlighted with this agile creature, so aim for the highest tree of wisdom in the forest!