Fairy Penguin

All penguins in Australia are only found on the southern shores where temperatures are cooler, and predominantly off the coast of Tasmania. The Little Penguin, otherwise known as a Fairy Penguin, is smaller than the usual penguin being only about thirty-three centimetres long.  They are the only type of penguin to breed here. These birds are a popular tourist attraction, especially on Phillip Island in Victoria.

Their miniature tails and webbed feet act as steering aids and their feathers are small and like scales, acting as insulation against the cold. Fairy Penguins spend most of their time under water.  Efficient, streamlined swimmers, they zip around, incredibly fast, one moment here, the next way over there, chasing schools of fish. Speed is a key word for these critters. Expect things to really move, if you try to keep up with a Fairy Penguin! And as they are ‘fairies’, expect a good dose of magic to also grace your journey!

If Fairy Penguin swims into your life, notice her ability to be extremely agile.  Compare this with her wobbly walk on land! Fairy Penguins are much better adapted to the water element where they are free of the restrictions of gravity and are able to be proficient swimmers and fishers.  What element do you work best in?  What is your favourite environment?  Fairy Penguin may call for spending more time where you feel most at ease.  Comfort and ease are highlighted, as long as you work within your abilities and preferences, like Fairy Penguin does.

Here’s a wonderful story about Fairy Penguins being guarded by Maremma dogs – here.

There’s a Penguin in this Australian classic novel “The Magic Pudding” by Norman Lindsay.

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