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North – the tropics or the colder northern hemisphere, the soul, analytical and rational thought, law,  fire, love, red, the sun, summer, midday, porcupine/echidna, Coolah and Kurrajong trees, Uluru (home)

South – the southern hemisphere, origins, back to nature and the earth, the past, ancient history/ancestry, instincts, the body, light, white, mountains, winter, midnight, buffalo/kangaroo and Mullian the Eagle Hawk (Wedge-tailed Eagle) rides this wind in the form of cumulus clouds

East – dawn, light, rebirth, newness, beginnings, movement, the mind, Eastern spirituality, air and the winds, yellow, spring, dawn, eagle

West – sunset, endings, rest, the unconscious, dreams, turbulence, the moon, the heart, Western culture, water, black, oceans, autumn, sunset, bear/koala, Waan the Crow, (the cold west wind is a female wind kept in a decaying log by Crow, sometimes escaping. When the log finally breaks, this wind will run wild, destroying the world. The West might signify a release of some kind.)


Corella. Photo taken by Stevie McGrath

Twilight at Narrabeen Lakes, Sydney, Australia

Twilight at Narrabeen Lakes, Sydney, Australia

[1]               Information  with thanks to Jo Buchannan. Also, Reed, A.W. “Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables.”