macro sepia image of a quartz crystal

crystalThis entry is a work in progress.

In the Illawarra area, crystals were passed down from father to son and highly treasured, being linked with the crystal belt and wand of their God spirit.

Biami’s partner is a luminous being covered in crystals. I just love this image… all the crystals forming a holographic representation of a true light being. She is a true Goddess of the Dreaming. This entity represents beauty and perfection, companionship and inspiration.

Another attribute for quartz crystal is its likeness to frozen water (like hail, or snow) or as still water… This similarity makes it a valuable tool in sympathetic magic for the wirrinin who can break a drought or bring the wet season with its aid. Water is the basis for LIFE.

Crystals are linked in many Dreaming Australia-wide with giant serpents, or the Rainbow Serpent – a true power object.

I am sure for this symbol, you know your own meanings and messages for how crystal may remind you of your own power, water-nature and luminosity …

An amazing site on crystal structures is here.225588_10150261165478132_8252109_n