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Red – life-force, blood, energy, activity, challenge, physical stimulation, sexuality, passion, personal power, aggression, anger, warmth, will to live, danger, something from your past resurfacing (perhaps around how you were ‘reared’), what have you ‘read’ lately that has had an impact?

Yellow – the mind, mental stimulation, clarity, communication, inspiration, wisdom, the sun and life, lack of courage, a ‘lemon’ – something fake or not what it seems, mellow yellow

Orange – healing, discrimination, wise decisions, social life, pleasure, stimulation, change, motivation, ambition, sexual energy, physical appetites, health (vitamin C!)

Green – colour of earth, nature, environmental issues, abundance/money issues, fertility, healing, refreshment, rest, renewal, balance, being green or inexperienced, jealousy/envy


Blue – peace, truth, sensitivity, upliftment or depression (feeling ‘blue’), relaxation, emotional healing, attainment, coolness, ‘blue moon’ – something rare/impossible happening

Purple – spirituality, royalty, leadership, respect, higher wisdom, arcane knowledge, mysticism, psychic perception, wealth

Black – the subconscious, primeval depths, ‘in the dark,’ the unknown and unknowable, secrets, everything and nothing, ‘dark night of despair’ feelings, mourning, dreams, the night time, indigenous cultures

White – purity, light, seeing, illumination, protection, blessings, colour of death/ashes, Western culture

Brown – earth, ground, un-manifest potential, resources, fertility, nature, mundane things, ‘browned off’ – angry, annoyed

Colours are Teachers too!

Just as animals and other living spirits can appear in your life with a message or lesson, so too can colours! Think of flowers and rainbows, the colours of feathers or bark.


What colours are you seeing the most of lately? What are your “usual” colours? Are there any new ones making an appearance?

Colour is everything in life – where we live, what we eat and even how we feel… Try meditating on a certain colour, breathing it in, painting it, writing it… and see where it takes you…

What colour are you?

What’s your favourite colour? What’s it’s opposite on the colour wheel? (And  what does this say about you?)


What colour do you wear the most? What colours predominate in your home, wardrobe?What colour is your favourite?


Start noticing the colours in your life, where they ‘live’ and how they make you feel. If this is a new way of looking at things for you, maybe you’ll gain a new perspective on how our environment influences how  we feel… or something else new!

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  • What colour would a laugh be?

    What colour would a laugh be?