Copper electroformed pendant with sea-smoothed coal (anthhracite) and Herkimer Diamond.

Copper electroformed pendant with sea-smoothed coal (anthhracite) and Herkimer Diamond.

Coal is like a butterfly of the earth in how it goes through a period of transformation from plant matter – it has different phases of development before it becomes coal.

Coal is ancient and controversial – there’s issues of renewable resources and dirty fuel.

Higher quality coal is called anthracite and used to be fashionable to carve – it also burns the most efficiently.

Jet the ‘stone’ is a precursor to coal, it’s been put under pressure. Jet is used in mourning jewellery. The expression ‘jet black’ relates to the stone jet. On a microscopic level, jet resembles the structure of wood.

It’s a misconception that diamonds originate from coal.

If coal seems to be a recurring symbol in your life, are environmental issues getting to you? It’s easy to get caught up in a world of ‘having to do’ and rush rush rush. Coals asks you to stop and try a different perspective out for a few moments, that of the most ancient energy resources this earth holds, coal. Here is more information on coal.  On some level, coal might represent potential and opportunity – but at what cost in the long term? Coal asks you to look at the bigger picture – pan out and see how many other solutions present themselves.

Coal begins as plant matter, then forms over hundreds of thousands of years to the organic rock we are familiar with. It’s mind-boggling to hold a piece of coal in your hand with the attitude it is ancient. If you find some coal, take notice of shapes and grain of the piece/s. The higher quality coal (anthracite) is the hardest form and can be very beautiful found beach-washed. Anthracite has a higher concentration of carbon and graphite (artists, drawing). Coal might bring up things around past lives, or really old things… being themes in your life somehow. Family trees, old stuff.

Naughty children get left a sack of coal for Christmas from Santa, an old tradition that goes back. (If you would like to commission a coal and copper necklace, please message me – they make a quirky heirloom piece of jewellery for Xmas sacks!)

These ideas just touch the tip of what coal might mean on a symbolic level – you might have different associations or see another view that fits better for you. For some, it carries a sense of the ancient; a timelessness. Think of peering into a jet black night sky and the sense of endlessness… is an interesting meditation journey.

Fire Spirit, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia

Burning coals… the embers of a fire… fire baked potatoes and even bushfires… so many associations with coals, which are different to coal unless the coals are coal coals (lol)… the form of combustion is the same with fire.