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This creature also includes the interpretation for any moth; however take into account any differences in colour or size as there are many types of moth in Australia, and adapt it’s meaning for you as a symbol.

Bogong Moths were and are a popular food source for the Aboriginal people, especially in the Snowy Mountains where they are common.  Nutty in flavour and high in protein, these insects were traditionally roasted and the cause for great celebration.  Different tribal groups traveled long distances to meet, not only for social and ceremonial reasons, but to have a good feast on some good tucker! If you happen to be by an open flame and moth lands into it, and smells delicious, then enjoy the ‘good tucker’ aspects of your life!

An interesting fact about the Bogong Moth is they have a special ultra-sonic sensing device like an inner ear which warns them of the presence of their enemy, the Bat.  So take notice of any ‘inner sense’ which warns you of approaching danger – and being no longer in ‘innocence,’ act!

Bogong Moth was once brightly coloured like our native wildflowers, according to one Aboriginal Dreaming[1].  Ignoring her husband’s advice, she went to explore the mysterious white mountain in the distance.  As she neared her destination, snow fell, trapping her.  Spring came and as the snow thawed, Myee the Bogong Moth was released.  Taking flight, her bright and vibrant colours remained, soaking into the snow and leaving her a dull brown.  And where this snow melted, beautiful flowers emerged. (What a glorious image, prodding the question  – what beauty comes from something you might have lost?)

If Bogong Moth or moth has flown into your life, be aware of the advice around you and run it by your own inner source of wisdom.  What is right for you?  What are the risks that might be unforeseen? Curiosity, the urge to explore and traverse new territory, and an open and inquiring mind, are all Moth qualities. Like the moth, be careful to focus on your ultimate goal, the distraction of an artificial  light bulb may not be easy to resist!

Spiritual energies may be highlighted if you encounter a moth inside, persistent against any bright light. The sense is you are ‘hitting against a brick wall’ and getting nowhere.  Where in your life do you seem to keep on trying, unable to give up? The moth is striking against artificial light, so it may be a message to seek more natural answers to your dilemma/s.

On a mundane level, Moth may bring travel. As Myee the Bogong Moth journeyed new song lines, be prepared to take flight and explore unknown territory yourself! Following your heart has it’s risks. Or maybe you will unexpectedly change your colour, as our sister Bogong did. Or leave your mark – in many ways Bogong Moth is a symbol of artists as much as explorers. Life will certainly offer a challenge, will you accept?

Enjoy a humorous informative clip on the Bogong Moth by Tim the Yowie Man:

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