Bilbies are bandicoots, one of the eight generally recognised genera.  In appearance and habit they differ from the other bandicoots; Bilbies burrow and prefer a more flesh based diet.  Dedicated meat-eaters, in other words!

They were a delicacy for the Aboriginal people, and have been portrayed as an Aussie alternative to the Easter Bunny (another symbol of rebirth, like Bandicoot; however the Bunny is a herbivore, gentle and cuddly as the Bilby is wild and carnivorous.) You may get the chance to eat a chocolate Bilby before encountering a real one tho’!

Today the endangered Bilby is the focus of a preservation scheme. What is ‘at risk’ in your life?

Many people find the bilby a very pretty and endearing creature, however are unfamiliar with its linked dietary focus (meat) and savagery. (Bilby is like a wild rat here.) And as Bilby is the endearing Aussie Easter Bunny, what surprise Bilby aspects do you have lurking behind your lovable façade, or affect you in the world at large? Maybe you are easily upset and vulnerable when exposed to the sometimes ‘savage’ aspects of the world we live in. If this is the case, focus on preservation and success, instead of negative results… or Bilby’s tenacity that can achieve results.

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