Australian Astrology – a New Interpretation

pelicans at the wetlands, Townsville


This is an Australian Aboriginal astrology interpretation that lines up different symbols with astrology. Pauline and I had several “gonna-do’s”.  In the couple of years before she died, we shared an incredibly fascinating journey through the realms of the Dreaming that bridges into today.

One of our several co-operative projects we planned was a detailed astrology co-relation between the Western star signs to Aussie. I have attempted to do this, with Pauline’s point of view, as I knew her, in mind. She was an incredible lady (a soul sister) so immersing myself in creating this list was poignant and a dedication to her, in her honour, from the heart, and my perspective.

This is done in the respectful and loving memory of Pauline McLeod. The world lost a great soul that day.


Bold typeface = symbol most strongly relating to astrology sign.

Aries – Bogong Moth, Butterfly, Waratah

Taurus –Koala, Spider, Wombat

Gemini – Brush Turkey, Crow, Willy Wagtail

Cancer – Bandicoot, Crab, Moon

Leo – Brolga, Dingo, Pelican, Sun

Virgo – Emu, Lyrebird, Turtle

Libra – Barramundi, Bowerbird, Opal, Platypus

Scorpio – Bat, Scorpion, Sturt’s Desert Pea

Sagittarius – Frog, Jabiru, Echidna

Capricorn – Ant, Sea Hawk, Top-notch Pigeon

Aquarius – Dolphin, Frog, Rainbow, Sea Hawk

Pisces – Kangaroo, Rainbow Lorikeet, Possum