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  • Here is a gentle approach to life that involves experiencing nature as highly personalised with a sense of meaning and purpose that shows itself in our encounters within nature and our environment.

    You might be familiar with the concept of ‘signs’ – that special encounters in nature can have a message for you. This site echoes those sentiments.

    The world is a sentient being and communicates with us at every moment, from the clouds painting pictures on the sky to a rare kookaburra laughing nearby.  It’s an animistic approach, and one that is lovely and introspective for those who enjoy looking at more esoteric approaches. It’s a way of being fully present in the world with an extra perspective of interconnectness.

    Unusual experiences, like being startled or noticing something, can act as springboards to new ideas you can apply in your life. This site can help guide you through looking at these experiences in another way.

    We invite you to look up the first creature or living thing that comes into your head (that is Australian) and see how its ‘medicine’ applies in your life – it might hold a key on how to make positive change.

    Native Symbols explores the language of archetypes, totems and symbolic meanings found in our natural environment. This website is based on the print book Native Symbols – A Guide to the Energies of the Australian Bush (1997)  by Donni Hakanson and this site includes much more than the original print version. This book is also a part of extra research made for Oracle of the Dreamtime, which was released in 1998.

    In this digital sacred space you will find interpretations or symbolic meanings of many plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, stars, metals and more. From ancient Australian Aboriginal Dreamings to more contemporary views, each symbol’s unique traits and characteristics are offered here to kickstart your own ideas on what things might mean.

    Enjoy your visit, be curious about what you read and see if it nudges you into new ideas. Please comment if you have anything to add to any entry – do you have a cool encounter to share?

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