Shapes & Patterns

Heaven’s Doorway
Moon at the Cusp of Dawn

Circle – wholeness, completion, unity, perfection, infinity, symbol of Spirit, ‘going around in circles’.

* Bora grounds for sacred ceremonies are circular, representing the sky world from which the Great Spirit Biami originates.[1]

Crescent – moon, femininity, fertility, birth, sickle/death, change, transformation, the emotions, the Chalice/Holy Grail – spiritual quest

Line – direction, purpose, movement, definition, limitations, straight or curvy?, ‘it’s a fine line between…’, ‘draw the line’, ‘the straight and narrow’

Spiral – evolution, patterns, recurring themes, movement, DNA and genetics, the cycle of experience, reincarnation, returning to source or spiritual seeking, ‘spinning out’

Square / Rectangle – solidity, static, earthy, grounded, material plane, order, safety, masculinity, being ‘square’ about something, ‘boxed in,’ boundaries and limitations, the number 4

Triangle – Trinity, pointing upwards relates to heaven, downwards the descent of grace, creativity, femininity, direction, the number 3

V-shape – victory, success, purpose, direction – which way is this formation moving? (direction – point of the triangle) The v-shape may also appear as a boomerang – hunting, seeking nourishment, developing skills for survival, strategy, aiming for a target/goal, something coming back to you.


[1] Reed, A.W. “Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables”