Quick Guide

Ant – industriousness / work, annoyances, co-operation, communal endeavours, concentration / NOW, perspective, irritations

Bandicoot – disbelief, reincarnation, dreams, persistence, misinformed judgments

Barramundi – archetypal lovers facing opposition, Divine support, pollution in environment

Bat – Extra sensory, in a crowd – joining forces, battle it out, favouritism, long life & happiness / darkness & chaos, Death, self-sacrifice

Bee – native vs introduced, playing with danger / health & healing, strength of belief against pressure, vegetarianism, hard work / sweetness of life, community, work, back to basics, procreation

Bee-eater – fighting for what you believe in, beauty, rainbows

Bilby – meat eating, Easter, rebirth, at risk / need for preservation, surprise attributes, protection, what is at risk?

Black Swan – expect the unexpected, magic, collective myths, insight, victim / victor, letting go, bypassing limitations, change

Bogong Moth – good tucker, social celebrations, inner sense, curiosity, ignoring advice, journeys, light vs artificial light, colour, flowers

Bowerbird – construction, sexual advertising, displays, mimicry, ghost bird – hanging onto old bones, short term liasons / single parenthood, dancing, home-making

Brolga – dance, creative absorption / obsession, rejected suitor, community support, celebrations, high esteem, object of envy

Brush Turkey – fatherhood, innovation via imitation, self-esteem / social comparisons, jealousy / shame, dietary health issues, find the good

Budgerigar – good tucker, grief relief, compassion, caged / wild, alone /group, memories, nostalgia

Bunyip – myths, giving fear power, desires, illusions, breaking Law – punishment, bogeyman

Butterfly – transformation, cycle of Life, eternal life, beauty, miracles, soul, faith


Cane Toad – white man / invasion / alien, ugliness, bypass ego / judgments, racism, unwelcome guests, urban myth, socially acceptable cruelty / lack of compassion, create your own Dreaming

Cicada – music, ancient, trees, emergence, speak out

Clouds & Rain, Thunder & Lightning – compassion, intervention, solace from grief, an intermediary, warning / prevention, portents, regret, a lesson

Coal – things of an ancient nature, the earth, environment including activism. Fuel, inspiration, artistic endeavours. Fire, danger.

Cockatoo – understanding Death, rain, intelligence, caged / free, comic / mischief, ‘dig your way out’, look out / alert, adherence to personal ethics or religious laws.

Copper – modern society / appliances / electronics / conductor / transfer of energy, beauty, mirror, alchemy, crap, law enforcement / laws of nature

Cormorant – water / fire / air / earth, able to enter another dimension, messages, adaptability, choices

Crab – shape shifter, protection / attack, “one more…” or “one last…”, regeneration, dancing / music, crabby / emotions

Crocodile – exaggeration / hype, long memory, heartless, warm climates, run around in circles, respect, cunning, instincts, maternal protectiveness, womaniser / seduction / sexuality

Crow – cleverness, slyness, trickster, Spirit world messengers, ill omens, define what you know versus what you believe, ego issues

Crystal – beauty, perfection, companionship, inspiration, water, sympathetic magic, wife, luminosity

Cuckoo – co-evolution, con job, trickery via imitation / fake, cooee – make contact with someone distant, “pass the buck”, play not work, avoiding responsibility, childcare

Curlew – birth / death / bereavement / mother’s loss, parenting / separation, protecting others, acceptance, love’s shadow side, personal burdens, guilt

Dingo – native or not, misconceptions, wild nature in society, watch dog, top dog, independence / interdependence, watchfulness, interspecies communication , codependency, resentments

Dolphin – special relationships / interspecies communication, play, teasing / hurts / cruelty, unconditional love, midwifery, yearning

Dugong – gentleness, feminine aspect, betrayal / infidelity, afflictions, stretch the imagination / look below the surface, vulnerability, embittered in love, time to be alone, breasts, save the environment

Echidna – being cruel to be kind, tough love, let go and step back, mystic, energy work, give and take, possessiveness, greed, protection / safety, primeval, protection, prickles, pacifism, good relationships better than things

Emu – big man, negative space, curiosity, (single) fatherhood, protector, self-esteem, social status, men in womens’ traditional roles

Fairy Penguin – agility, finding your element, comfort & ease, water, magic and grace

Finch – cheer, abundance, things of epic or great proportions, global creation, brotherhood

Firefly – shine your light! Have faith

Fly – laziness, think ahead, need for action, irritations, healing / purification (as maggot), blessing in disguise, our place in the web of life

Frilled Neck Lizard – speaking without thinking, finding solutions, pride, be less defensive, think before action / emotional reaction, storms, anger

Frog – humour, greed / sharing, thirst, singing, purity / purifying, transformation, repressed emotion / tears

Galah – comedy, non-comprehension, exploitation, bravery, memories your scars carry

Gecko – courage, Taoism / martial Arts, ochre, thunderstorms, one chance, regeneration, decoys, last ditch effort, Asia, stand on your soap box!

Gliding Possum – sweetness, cat and mouse games, flying, leap of faith, wisdom

Goanna – defensiveness, opportunist, thievery / raid, innovation, cleaning up messes, canoes, invention, never healing from a wound / extraordinary healing – antidote found in cause?

Hawk – create your own reality / manifesting, obsession, imagination / visualization, survival of the fittest, watch the small details (be ‘hawk eyed’), supporting war, discernment

Ibis – spiritual questioning, Egypt, direction in life, self-presentation, Divine beauty, agriculture, solitude / groups

Jabiru – loneliness / solitude, running before take-off, spirituality / magic, power items

Kangaroo – nurturing / archetypal mother, bridges / crossing / changes, generosity, utilising available resources, boxing, cruelty, dependency, dance, Aussie version of American Indian buffalo

Koala – no drink, secrets, personal power, hoarding / poverty consciousness, orphan

Kookaburra – family, laughter, success, work /responsibilities / promotions, positive attitudes, awakening / dawn, singing, vulnerability / toxins, fragility, mockery

Lily or Lotus – enlightenment, perfection, Spirit, gratitude, Soul journey, sustenance, beauty, the macrocosm in the microcosm, birth and genesis, ancestors, offerings, stars

Lyrebird – courtship, peacemaker, imitation, languages, communication (interspecies), life purpose singing / Divine duty, teacher / learning hands on

Magpie – chatterbox / hoarder, illumination, collecting, releasing light, song, mimicry, group endeavour

Mistletoe – sweet things, symbiosis, Christmas, pregnancy, blending in, sweet things, going through crap / digestion before new life, intricate part of an interdependent whole

Moon – archetypes, feminine spirit, cycles / tides, dreams, emotions, womaniser, lunacy, witchcraft, reincarnation

Mopoke – regret / learning from mistakes, cheer up, death, occult, wisdom, karma

Mosquito – personal boundaries, how you use your life force, irritations, limiting judgments, transformation, demands, contagious sicknesses

Native Cat – acting in the moment / impulsive, heedless / daring, tenacious, rebirth / reincarnation / nine lives.

Opal – spiritual promises, laws, faith, emotions, inspiration, art, learning from the past, water

Owl – night, wisdom, curiosity, protection, mystery, special talents, listening, feminine symbol, power

Paperbark Tree – women’s business (menstruation, labour, healing, versatility, domesticity, art

Peewee – seeking love, love, benefits, social events

Pelican – network, community roles, group success, fashion, fishing, achieving heights

Platypus – protective medicine, energy, conservation, rescue, solitude / groups, tolerance, unity, paradoxes, mystery, ancient

Possum – alertness, “playing dead,” pest / overpopulated, unattainable goals

Rainbow – promises fulfilled, transience, change, spiritual bridge

Rainbow Lorikeet – creative solutions, overcoming disability, freedom / escapism, life changing decisions, dream come true, divine intervention, persecution for being ‘different’

Rat – reputations, cleverness, adaptability, proof of something

Rosella – tragedy then triumph, love, devotion

Sandpiper – going great distances to achieve goals, problem solving, tracking, action receives appreciation, different nationalities

Seagull – social life/status, competitiveness, self-expression, entertainment, seeking

Seal – polygamy, victimisation, regeneration, conservation, endorsement / authorization

Shark – dishonesty, power, battle, strength in softness, anger in parent role

Shingleback Lizard – mirages, illusions

Snake – transformation, spirituality, metaphysics, power, creation, vengeance

Spider – seduction, morals, weaving, fear, victim, World Wide Web, reprisals

Sturt’s Desert Pea – intuition, tragedy if ignored, sadness, loss, hope, retribution, endings

Sun – journeys, unchanging patterns, awakening, heat of the moment, need for giving so as not to ‘burn out”, arguments

Tasmanian Devil – reputation, greed, evil has it’s place in the web of life, animal nature

Topknot Pigeon – crowds, avoiding responsibility, balance between work & play

Turtle & Tortoise – protection, self-sacrifice, shields, no need for retreat

Waratah – panic, fears/threats, loss, emotions taking over, loyalty, repentance, purity, relationships (between partners).

Wedge-tailed Eagle – revenge, forgiveness, power, ego issues, change perspective.

Whale – betrayal, victim, greed, saving

Willy Wagtail – communication, gossip, warning, pregnancy, raise your eyebrows over something!

Wombat – home issues, competition, uninvited guests[

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