Cockatoo PDF Worksheet – for Print

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Cockatoo – a journal-type worksheet for you to print out and record your thoughts and ideas around encounters you have.


A journal-type worksheet for you to print out and record your thoughts and ideas around encounters.

To celebrate the most popular creature on Native Symbols, here is Cockatoo! And best of all, it is FREE!

Please note: I am still sorting out the shop and how to make it all work – especially not having to provide your address details for downloadble items – so please bare with this for now! You’ll find when you go to the ‘order complete’ page there is a link below the pdf name to download it. You’ll also receive an email with a link to download it as well.

Please let me know what you think of it!

More about our pdfs

It’s your own ‘journal’ of what an encounter might mean for you. It’s interesting to see how your meanings might overlap with Native Symbols, or diverge. We each have our own unique perspective on everything and it’s a lovely way to be introspective and connect with nature and the world around us and within yourself in a different way. These pdf’s are like guided journal pages of each symbol they are for.

The pdfs have questions you can ask yourself, as well as a space to record your experience and own thoughts – just click on where you answer and a white box will appear – type in your response. You can go back any time later and add to it, or change your answers. There’s also checkboxes for the themes around that symbol (bird, creature, insect, star, etc.) that have been identified by Native Symbols, as well as an image. The printable versions are pretty easy on your printer, with only one image. The pdf’s are more colourful and engaging visually. And you can also print these, too, if you prefer something more colourful!

We’ll be adding to these on an ad hoc basis to a large degree, so if you want something that’s not here, ask me and I’ll get it in the shop. 🙂 Demand will kinda precipitate production, so please do ask if you want something done up. I’ll be so stoked, I’ll get it done pronto!