5 Easy Steps to do Today to Find your Mojo!

stuckFear holding you back? In a slump? Feeling a bit lost, like there’s no feeling of excitement in the mornings? Those goals, projects or things that got you all excited and buzzing now seem boring and dull?

It sounds like you’ve lost a bit of your sense of purpose, your mojo, that part of you that floats your boat doing stuff you love. These things can be easy to lose if you forget the bigger picture; or there’s been some stress or tension in your life… it’s like the gilt edge of your dreams has rubbed off.

There’s really nothing new here, just reminders, little achievable steps to doing more than waving whilst drowning! I’m writing this mostly for ME…! I started this site some weeks ago, and beyond editing posts, adding content, the dry research of SEO and content creation and blogging and … and … and….  I haven’t really done anything with it that’s NEW or from the heart… not to mention ‘blog virginity’ and the angst of ‘what do I write about first?!’ It’s like the plans and excitement I had have evaporated.  I still have lots of ideas, but no oomph! Instead I have been easily distracted, family demands, all that… have contributed to this feeling of losing my path. It’s not lost, just a bit overgrown by weeds; the weeds of worry and uncertainty and the seeds of doubt that haunt the faith of a dreamer.

So… what to do about it? Here’s five ideas… and again, there’s nothing new under the sun here, but sometimes it can be good to be reminded that we are not powerless and have the choice to change things; to get unstuck and back into the flow.


1. Stop

Do nothing! Experience that, and accept it.  No point beating yourself up for ‘not doing,’ consciously ‘not do.’ Intentionally ‘not do.’ Choose to ‘not do.’ Allow it. Stop! Yes, time spent under a shady tree watching the birds, engrossing yourself in a book or craft or curled up in bed with a block of chocolate and movie are useful tools for the psyche as long as you don’t wallow in wallowing – everything in moderation. Don’t get too hung up on having some ‘down time,’ where nothing is done towards your goal – trust the process just don’t get stuck in it.

The other tips here will help you break out of stuck, if this is an area you are prone towards… Wallowing is good, it’s a time of processing – even if it is happening behind the scenes – but it’s not something you should allow yourself to stay in too long. Enjoy wallowing, and trust the process… it’s the caterpillar in the cocoon time!



2. Go Back

Look at past things you have done that make you feel good. Look at art you made you liked, or photos of things you have done… read your resume or birthday cards… do whatever it is you need to do to revisit the past in a good way. Praise yourself and what you did, enjoy what you did again, remember it, re-live it, re-vitalise that spark of ‘you can do it!”

Kindle the seeds of your dream by looking at past successes and dreams come true… breathe again that feeling of ‘wow, I did it’ and acknowledge ‘wow, I could do that…’ Spend some time dreaming about what matters, prime your pumps again with good feelings! That path does get clearer, and the mojo shiny, the more positive we feel about where we are going through acknowledging how far we have come!



3. Get High

And no, we’re not endorsing drugs! Do what it takes for you to let your hair down and feel free. Break the cycle with a bang! Go to a party, hold one, or dance in the loungeroom with the music up, naked. Exercise…  journal… pray… make love… create something… meditate… eat healthy… connect with a friend… do what makes you laugh, feel great…  whatever you can to free up your sense of ‘stuck,’ do it! Let loose! Just for now, don’t worry about your path, your destination, your flailing mojo… you don’t really care anyway, right… so let go of caring and go wild! Just be in the now… and get those endorphins flowing! Have a little burst of crazy… it really is good for your soul!

And sometimes, to reach the good feelings of that natural high, it might work speaking to a counselor or therapist to find out what is getting in the way of the good… we’re sometimes so close to stuff, we can’t see the trees for the forest… especially if you find your mojo is very much cyclical – all over the place – or major confusing! Sometimes there can be something that just gets in the way, and here ‘getting high’ is a gaining of a new perspective that propels you to the next level – and help can be a good thing! Getting stuck, time after time, might indicate there’s some more profound issues behind it all… and it’s time to ‘clear ’em out.’

Get high – gain a new perspective – you can’t see as much from the gully as you can from the mountain top!


4. Look Around

Take stock. Revisit your goals – if you don’t have any then it’s time to formulate them! Where are you heading? What do you want to achieve? They’re the guideposts of where to now… Prioritise… what is achievable? What can you do NOW? It might not fit in the bigger picture – look at this post, my first blog post on nativesymbols and instead of it being about animal totems or the amazing world we have around us, it’s all about getting un-stuck! How does that work? Does it matter? Break some rules if you have to, to get past that stuckness and flowing again.

Taking stock means a time of re-evaluating from the perspective of getting un-stuck through achievable action. Look around your issue and goals, look at them from the viewpoint of yourself in ten years, the perspective of others and the results on them, try on different viewpoints as a part of re-connecting with your goals. Sometimes it’s enough the kickstart the juices of direction and purpose again.



5 Take a Step

Just a baby step will do… then pat yourself on the back; you did it! We can sit and dream and mope and wallow and get all caught up in inaction, un-doing and self-pity having no mojo, no zest, no excitement anymore that before we know it, weeks have zoomed by and our dreams seem even further away! Inaction and all of that stuff can beat at our self-esteem and personal issues of ‘good enough’ if we’re not careful about it. Perhaps the biggest cause of losing one’s focus or path is losing a bit of self-belief. There’s loads of people that are successful and following their dreams that are no better than you or I in the talent department, so what’s the difference? It’s that belief in self… you can do it…. and one little step is a great kickstart to feeling accomplished again. There’s a point where ‘trusting the process’ flips over to ‘action’ and self-actualisation… and you’ll know inside when it’s time.

These five steps towards finding your mojo basically aim to break the cycle, change the focus, and re-ignite a sense of worthiness by being kind to yourself, having fun, looking at your good stuff, formulating and re-affirming your goals then putting all that together in one little achievable step. It’s something only you can do, and if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results… so break the cycle, get out of that slump, do what you need to do to push through the mud to be your own lotus… yeah!

I’m very curious about how others deal with losing da mojo, so please comment below with any suggestions and comments! Thank you 🙂


Native Symbols - Finding Your Mojo