There is something very cheerful and exciting about a flock of finches flying across the skies, moving from tree to tree, or foraging in long grass; chattering and making such an abundantly happy sound!

These birds are predominant in the northern parts of Australia. The journeys of the Finch brothers form great epics in the Dreaming lore of many of the Dreamings from the Northern Territory. These tiny, almost toy-like, birds have made a great impact upon the Dreaming topography of the country, forming mountain ridges and great plains. Such great things left by such tiny creatures!

Eckhart Tolle, in “A New Earth” describes the first three spiritual symbols for humankind as crystals, flowers and birds (feathers). Finches, with their sense of community and almost gravity-defying ‘lightness’ of flight, seem so fragile and precious yet so full of energy and movement…. Each tiny bird an integral part of the greater finch flock.

Like Finch, be reminded you too can shape mountains! To change the topography of your life, create your own virtual landscape that – like the world outside of us – originates in the world within everything… the Dreaming.