Drop Bear

The infamous, deadly Drop Bear. The recent announcement of koala Borobi as mascot for the 2018 Gold Coast’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games reminded me it was time to put up a post about this challenging symbol! The news report I saw described him as a drop bear in jest …

Southern Cross

Oops! I haven’t completed this one yet…. somehow missed being transferred… I’ll get to  it soon – or remind me – impopia (at) gmail.com so I can do it… 🙂   lol !!!!


mythical bunyip

Bunyip is a mythical creature, according to right brain Western belief. Not so for those who can read the land. In the Dreamtime, Bunyip sinned by eating his own totem, which by the law of resonance, was viewed as cannibalism. He was punished by Biami and banished from his tribe. …