pelicansPauline and I had several “gonna-do’s”.  Before she died, we shared an incredibly fascinating journey through the realms of the Dreaming…it will all be revealed in Biami’s Cave, my next book I trust! One of our several co-operative projects we planned was a detailed astrology co-relation between the Western star signs to Aussie. I have attempted to do this, with Pauline’s point of view, as I knew her, in mind. She was an incredible lady (a soul sister) so immersing myself in creating this list was poignant. It is done in the respectful and loving memory of Pauline McLeod.

Bold typeface = symbol most strongly relating to astrology sign.

Aries – Bogong Moth, Butterfly, Waratah

Taurus –Koala, Spider, Wombat

Gemini – Brush Turkey, Crow, Willy Wagtail

Cancer – Bandicoot, Crab, Moon

Leo – Brolga, Dingo, Pelican, Sun

Virgo – Emu, Lyrebird, Turtle

Libra – Barramundi, Bowerbird, Opal, Platypus

Scorpio – Bat, Scorpion, Sturt’s Desert Pea

Sagittarius – Frog, Jabiru, Echidna

Capricorn – Ant, Sea Hawk, Top-notch Pigeon

Aquarius – Dolphin

Pisces – Kangaroo, Rainbow Lorikeet, Possum



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